Sirena externa inalambrica -900mts -433MHz -2 vias -volumen ajustable -encriptacion AES-128 -IP65 -alarma led flash -4 baterias CR123A -white -Hikvision AX PRO (DS-PS1-E-WB(O-STD))



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!! Solo compatible con productos de la l?nea AX PRO de Hikvision !!

The wireless external sounder supporting 433 MHz wireless communication, Tri-X wireless protocol, multiple enrollment methods, two-way wireless communication, multiple alarm sounds, and strobe light indication, is used for instant alarm alerting.

? 433 MHz two-way wireless communication
? AES-128 encryption
? Front and rear panel tamper-proof
? 3 kinds of alarm sounds: fire alarm, panic alarm, and intrusion alarm
? Buzzer Decibel: 110 dB
? Fully remote configurable through App
? Multiple enrollment methods and easy installation design
? Frequency hopping against jamming for reliable transmission
? IP65 protective level

Frequency 433 MHz
Modulation 2GFSK
Method Two-way communication
RF encryption AES-128
RF distance 900m (open area)

Electrical & battery
Power Battery (default power supply method) or 12 VDC
Consumption Static consumption: 30 to 40uA
Battery life span
4 CR123A, 3 years in work status
(triggered every two weeks and
alerting 90 s for each triggering)

Interface and component
Power switch Supported

Tamper switch Supported, Front and rear tamper-proof
Indicator: Red/Green

Strobe light: Red/Blue(white on the board)
Buzzer Decibel: 110 dB

Operation temperature -20 ?C to 60 ?C (-4 ?F to 140 ?F)
Operation humidity 10% to 90% (no condensing)
Color White
Material PC+ABS
Dimension (W ? H ? D) 190? 200 ? 47. 3mm .(7.48″ ?7.87″ ?
Weight 606.5 g (21.4 oz)
Protection level IP65
Installation Wall mounting

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